Friday, June 3, 2011

one down, 9 more to go.. A fantastic month so far!

ok so I finished the christening order without any stress... thank goodness! but, I mean there wasn't anything to it other than baking and simply frosting. what scares me is what's to come.  lemme give a bit of history before I continue.  so, my little baking gig started 4 years ago.  I mainly made cupcakes for friends and their children, then slowly my neighbors, and soon after that strangers lol.  Initially, I just love baking and trying out new recipes.  but since I became a stay-at-home-mom, baking became more of a second job.  well rather, a source of income!  and ever since my first baby shower order, I've been baking up a storm.  most of the time, it's been fun.  I get to create the coolest edible art for someone's special day.  so, the rewards are amazing.  but, we all know baking can be challenging.

so, I've been terrible at snapping pictures of things I've made so usually I wait until I get copies.  but, I've been making a point to at least take a quick snap right before I deliver and in return I get crappy images.  anyway, here's the christening order I did last weekend:

I made red velvets and cookies and creme.  nothing fancy. but I did try to make the cupcakes with chocolate icing look like a cross on top.
you could only tell from this view :)

here's what I have to look forward to.... according to my baking calendar:
June 6th- red velvet cake- Tinkerbell theme
June 9th- 8" any flavor cake, any design
June 12th- 50 red velvet cupcakes and 50 strawberry creme cupcakes- Tinkerbell theme
June 12th- 24 strawberry cheesecake cupcakes- Hello Kitty theme
June 16th- 8" chocolate cake, floral design
June 18th- 24 strawberry shortcake cupcakes- Strawberry Shortcake theme
June 19th- 24 double chocolate cupcakes- Cars 2 theme
June 19th- 24 vanilla bean cupcakes with cherry filling- pink and purple theme
June 23rd- 9" chocolate caramel cake- floral design

WOW right?  The last time I had a full month with almost every weekend booked was last Christmas.  Since then, it's only been a couple of orders a month.. pictures will follow as I finish each order.  Until next time... happy baking!

Oh, and one last thing... hello to my blog followers and readers who are just passing by.